Custom packaging and pre-assembly services

Stamperia Bosatra is able to offer some additional services to its Customer such as custom labelling with the Client’s logo and custom packaging. These services are extremely successful.

The parts mechanically processed or pre-assembled by us, can be packaged according to customer specifications.

Indeed, we create labels featuring any requested information and we affix them on the packaging in order to allow quick and effective identification of the goods and production lot.

Some examples of information featured on the labels are:LABEL ENG

  • Client Company logo.
  • Client article/ client code.
  • Article description.
  • Purchase order.
  • Internal production reference.
  • Type of material.
  • Quantity contained.

We comply with ISO-11228-1 rules for the manual handling of loads (MHL) that foresees a maximum weight that can be handled manually of 30 kg for men and 20 kg for women.