Brass and alloys

Specialised in forging non-ferrous materials and in particular brass, the types mostly employed are indicated below:

  • Brass CW617N
  • Brass CW602N (brass “ADZ”)
  • Brass CW625N
  • Brass CW626N
  • Brass CW719R NAVAL BRASS
  • Brass CW509L
  • Brass CW510L
  • Brass CW511L
  • Brass CW724R “ECOBRASS

Stamperia Bosatra acquired deep knowledge of materials; thanks to the collaboration with leader Italian raw material supplier, the company is constantly informed on applicable standards and assisted by accredited laboratories, it guarantees products manufactured with raw material compliant with specifications.

Stamperia Bosatra is able to provide certifications and traceability of all materials used for hot forging. In addition, we execute any sort of chemical analysis in collaboration with certified laboratories.

Once hot forged, brass can be employed in many ways, ensuring the following properties:

  • Excellent resistance to temperature changes.
  • High mechanical properties, comparable to those of quality steel.
  • Absence of porosity.
  • Resistance to wear.
  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • Excellent service life.
  • Excellent seal in the presence of gases under pressure and fluids
  • Adaptability to surface finishes and welding